Membership Regulations

The running of the club is regulated by a number of governing documents.

The overall running of the club as a company is goverened by the articles of association.

The rules that govern aspects of the the day to day running of the club are laid out in the clubs bylaws

Specific policies and codes of conduct provide detail about how specific situations, tasks or sceniarios should be handled.

Current versions of the Club’s documentation can be viewed below:

Articles of Association

A copy of the current Articles of Association can be viewed here.


Codes of Conduct

Safety Plan

A copy of the club’s safety plan is available here.

Policies, Procedures & Statements

Exe Watersports Association (EWSA) Policies, Procedures & Statements

All members who regularly use the clubs facilities are required to have membership of Exe Watersports Association (EWSA). EWSA has a number of it’s own Policies, Procedures & Statements that are required to be followed as part of this membership. 

These can be viewed here

Where a conflict between the club’s and EWSA’s Policies, Procedures & Statements the club Directors will be the final arbitures and will raise the issue with the EWSA committee to resolve it.