Bylaw 4 – On the Water

All members who go on the water (rowers, scullers, coxswains, coaches, umpires) must have completed the Club swim test in line with BR’s RowSafe.
1. All rowing in the basin will be with a maximum of 50% of crew rowing at any one time, except for pair oared boats. All crews/scullers will observe the circulation pattern when returning to the boathouse. Row/scull towards the Piazza on the Haven Banks side, turn and then row/scull on the Boathouse side towards the pontoons. The only exceptions will be because of: 1. a medical condition; 2. insufficient turning area available: 3. prevailing adverse weather conditions.
2. Static drills should be practised in the basin.
3. River and Canal All boats shall keep to the Starboard side of the waterways (right hand side).
4. Regatta Straight Crews training on the straight should turn at the Saddles and Paddles pontoon by the Custom Shed, check both ways before crossing the river at right angles to the pontoon before turning to travel downstream. Do not travel diagonally across from the pontoon to the ferry hut. Do not turn mid-section.
5. Boating in the basin should be done quickly and efficiently with boats pushing off from the pontoon and adjusting out on the water leaving the pontoon clear.
6. Boating from the Venezia slipway when the river gates are closed. The usual boating upstream rule is suspended and boats will be placed on the water pointing downstream to avoid having to turn or cross over on the bend to the left of the slipway. This will only take place when the water is low (lapping just over the slip).
7. Race/firm pieces should be carried out upstream. Not all river users are aware of this. Crews and coaches should be aware of and considerate to other river users.
8. All crews should slow between the ferry and the road bridge.
9. Side by side racing is occasionally required (usually scullers) but should only be done on a clear river and with the agreement of other coaches.
10. Coaching discussions should be at turning points only and not mid-section or at pinch points.
11. Coxes to keep a good lookout and comply with the circulation plan and navigation rules at all times when afloat.
12. ALL crews should be told to shout loudly if another crew is approaching their section of water even if they think the other crew has seen them.
13. ALL crews should be aware of and have practised emergency stop procedure (slap, bury, turn).
14. All rowers are to be conspicuous and wear high-visibility clothing at all times when afloat other when they are required to wear club kit during competitions. (RowSafe April 2017)
15. ALL crews boating early morning, at dusk or in the dark should wear Hi-Viz and use lights on their boat. Local rules are white on the bow and red on the stern. Crews are responsible for providing their own lights.
16. Double locks – all crews should take particular care using the pontoons.