Exeter Rowing Club welcomes new members throughout the year, both adults and juniors (12-18yrs) and it is not necessary to have any previous rowing experience as we often run learn to row courses for both adults and juniors. If you have previous rowing experience, you are welcome to join one of our squads.

Membership Categories

Club membership is available in several categories that reflect your involvement in the sport, or access to facilities. These are outlined below with further information available on request from the Membership Secretary. Membership can be paid in full (pro-rata based on the date of joining) and is valid until the 31st March, or monthly on a rolling basis for select membership categories.  The club offers a discount for members who choose to pay in full. New members are also required to pay a joining fee based on the membership that they join.

The club has various membership categories that provide different access to the club’s facilities. A summary is provided in the table below, full information can be found here

Membership CategoryJoining
Annual Fee
(Incl. Discount)
Adult Recreational£30.00£212.28£19.80
Student (Full Time in Exeter)£30.00£300.28£27.50
Student (Rowing in Holidays)£30.00£83.58N/A

Notes :
– The club’s membership system will automatically calculate the correct amount due based on the category of membership, payment method and the current date.
– To be eligible for student membership you must meet the criteria for council tax exemption from Exeter City Council. If you do not meet this requirement but believe you are still eligible the directors will consider an application under the affordability criteria.

British Rowing

As per our Club Safety and Security document, all members must have a valid British Rowing Membership, in addition to Club Membership. As a member of British Rowing, you will be able to take advantage of a wide variety of benefits and discounts; you also receive Personal Accident insurance and Civil Liability insurance. The appropriate British Rowing membership level will also serve as your racing license at British Rowing events and is required for us to process entries.

Exeter Watersports Association

All members must pay an annual membership to Exeter Water Sports Association; this covers the use of communal facilities that the club shares with other groups. The rate for 2022-23 is £32 per year and provides access to the clubhouse and changing facilities. Payment of the fees taken by the club on the same schedule as your other membership payments.


Membership and EWSA fees are non-refundable. However, members may leave at any point through the membership system. Refunds for memberships will be considered under the affordability criteria only. To cancel your membership, login to the system and update your membership accordingly.


The club is also able to offer limited racking facilities for members with boats. Due to limited space, we often have a waiting list and regularly review the provision of racks against agreed criteria to ensure that members who might make better use of the facility have the opportunity to do so. For 2022-23 indoor racking is £135 per seat, while outdoor racking is £30 per seat. More information is available from the Club Secretary. Racking is only available to rowing members.


If you are unable to afford the normal payment scheme due to your economic circumstances, you can apply to the Directors (via the Membership Secretary) for alternative payment schemes or support in affording your membership. Each case will be considered on its merits.


All members are subject to the clubs rules and regulations as well as the terms and conditions relating to the specific membership that you purchase. You will be asked to review these and accept them as part of the membership process.