Exeter Rowing Club is a volunteer-led organisation which relies on individuals donating their time to the club in order for it to function. There are a wide range of opportunities to volunteer in ways that help the club grow, succeed and champion the sport of Rowing in the south-west.

Dates for forthcoming committee meetings can be found on the club calendar.

Dates for forthcoming committee meetings can be downloaded here or viewed on club calendar. Do check club calendar for any amendents.

Members can view minutes in the members’ area.

Club President

Kevin Dentith

Club Chairman

Lucinda Saunders

Club Captain

Lorna Tinkler


Jerry Copping, Kevin Dentith, Don Fraser, Sian McPhee, Lucinda Saunders, Lesley Wilmington, Paul Wilson.

Management Committee


The Rowing Sub-Committee


Further sub committees for 22-23 to be agreed by the Management Committee.