Exeter Rowing Club is a volunteer-led organisation which relies on individuals donating their time to the club in order for it to function. There are a wide range of opportunities to volunteer in ways that help the club grow, succeed and champion the sport of Rowing in the south-west.

Dates for forthcoming committee meetings can be found on the club calendar.

Members can view minutes in the members’ area.

Club President

Kevin Dentith

Club Captain

Lesley Wilmington


Joe O’Connor, Steve Gibson (Treasurer), Paul Wilson (Chair), Sian McPhee, Jerry Copping.

Management Committee

Will Mahoney, Alison Creasy, Tommy Fuller, Emma Gilbert, Joe O’Connor, Sue O’Connor, Julie Ruddick, Lesley Wilmington, Lisa Cocks, Marcus Allen, Paul Wilson, Veena Phull, Anne-Marie Allinson (Secretary)

The Rowing Committee

Will Mahoney (Mens’ Captain), Emma Gilbert (Women’s Captain), Alison Creasy (Junior Coordinator), Jerry Copping (Scullers), Julie Ruddick (Off Peak), Eleanor Burke, Kevin Dentith, Paul Wilson, Stephen Belk, Tim Spencer, Tommy Fuller, Lisa Cocks, Lesley Wilmington and Anne-Marie Allinson (Secretary)

Junior Committee

Alison Creasy (Junior Coordinator), Tommy Fuller and Lily Allen (Junior Captains), Veena Phull, Samina Ferris, Lisa Murphy, Jane Tanner, Marcus Allen, Emma Russo.