Bylaw 1 – General

1. The colours of the club shall be bottle/forest green. Racing kit to be of a type determined by the management committee from time to time.

2. No crew or sculler shall compete under the name of the Club without the sanction of the Captain.

3. No boat or equipment belonging to the club shall be used unless authorised by the Captain.

4. The coxswain or steerer (as applicable) of any crew shall be in charge of the boat and be responsible for its safety. This must be clearly understood by all crew members before leaving the boathouse and their instructions must be obeyed. If the boat is damaged in any way it is the coxswain or steerer’s responsibility to report this to the Boathouse Manager and relevant Squad Vice-Captain and Captain.

5. The use of club boats and equipment by members shall be at the discretion of the Captain.

6. All members whilst afloat shall be correctly attired. (Full tops to be worn while on river and in public view by male members. Crop tops are acceptable for female members)

7. Privately owned boats racked in the club boathouse may be charged a fee for racking, such fee to be set by the management committee; insurance cover to be the responsibility of the owner. Owners of such boats shall comply with rules as set by management committee from time to time.

8. All Juniors have to leave the Clubhouse or Boathouse before 10 p.m. On specific club organised events at either location the organiser of the event shall give due consideration to such departure times. If an extension to that time is considered suitable the Junior member must supply written parent/guardian consent to the organiser before attending the event. In the event of overnight training camps similar written consent must be supplied to the organiser.

9. All Junior members will comply with the Club’s Junior Byelaws and will comply with the Licensing Laws at any Club arranged function.