Bylaw 2 – Boathouse

1. Boat House Please help to keep the boathouse in good order so that everyone can use it safely and easily locate equipment.
2. Tools removed from the workshop must be returned immediately after use.
3. Bikes Only coaches’ bikes are allowed in the boathouse and these must be hung on the labelled hooks provided. Private bikes are not permitted in the boathouse at any time; there is space outside to lock up your bike.
4. Personal Items Bags/trainers etc. must not be left on the boathouse floor, these should be left tidily on the upper deck.
5. ERC Equipment This must not be used to repair/replace parts on private boats.
6. Lifejackets Must be worn by all coxswains (select the correct jacket for bow/stern loader) and members who have not passed their swim test and be put away on the hangers upstairs at the back of the boat house after use.
7. Each crew or sculler is responsible for the correct storage of boat and equipment after use, including regattas.
8. Moving Boats Take care when moving boats in/out of the boathouse, ask someone to help or watch. Ensure boats which have been chocked while boats are removed or returned to the rack are un-chocked immediately.
9. Central trolley Fours on top two racks must be tied on. Ideally all fours should be tied on. Ensure brakes are on when trolley is stationery and that the front wheels are within the white box painted on the floor.
10. Oars and Sculls Single scullers only may put their oars on the pontoon prior to putting their boat on the water. Larger boats should be put on the water first and then oars taken to the pontoon. Oars must be put away promptly after your outing and not left on the pontoon. Oars should be hung in sets with four oars per rack.
11. Care of Boats All boats should be washed down after use and put away carefully in the boathouse. All slides must be cleaned after outings.
12. Outings Please remember to sign out before your outing and remove your name when you return.
13. Bins Please put your waste in the bins provided. If any of the bins are full, please empty them into the wheelie bin outside.
14. Trestles Please return trestles to the trestle racks after use.
15. Doors The last crew or sculler off the water at each session is responsible for ensuring the securing and locking of the boathouse. Please ensure that both doors are bolted to the floor and to each other before locking the pedestrian door when you are the last person to leave the boathouse.
16. Accidents Please report all accidents/incidents to Indicate date, name/s of those involved, boat names/numbers, damage/injuries and action taken. This information should also be reported to squad Vice-Captain/s and Captain..
17. Damage If equipment is damaged please email boathouse manager on ALL damage should be reported to the captain and the Boathouse Manager within 24 hours. Individual members may be held responsible for wilful damage or damage known to be have caused by their negligence.