Bylaw 3 – Training Room

1. Appropriate athletic wear must be worn at all times, including footwear. No boots, sandals, open toed shoes or bare feet.
2. Nobody is allowed to use the training room on his/her own.
3. Do not remove any equipment from the training room.
4. The weights equipment is not to be used unless you have been instructed in safe practices for lifting. No one should weight train on their own.
5. Please be mindful of other users. Lift a safe distance away from all equipment and other training room users – preferably on the white area..
6. If all, or most, of the ergos are in use there is not room to safely use weights. (Adequate space to move from one activity to another is not available and space for stretching out is at a premium.)
7. Spotters are required for all free weights.
8. Collars must be fitted to all bars before lifting begins.
9. No juniors are allowed to lift without coach supervision.
10. All juniors using free weights must have completed waiver release form and had this countersigned by their parents.
11. Use appropriate weights for your level – follow a programme.
12. Please wipe down equipment after use.
13. All weights and bars must be put away after use, no exceptions.
14. Please leave a bar on the squat rack at all times, remove plates for the next lifter.
15. Any ergos which have been moved during a weights session must be put back in place and ready to use.
16. Do not let go of the handles and let it fly into the machine no matter how tired you are as it is likely to smash into and damage the monitor.
17. Place handles back after use; do not leave them in the rest position as it stretches the chain.
18. Clean the handles, the slide and the seat of the ergo after use, preferably with anti-bacterial wipes (available by the steps).
19. Do not stand on the slide.
20. If batteries need replacing please do this from the stock of batteries available. If necessary please follow the reprogramming advice available. If more batteries are needed please inform the Treasurer.
21. All personal items are left at owner’s risk. Exeter Rowing Club Ltd takes no responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal belongings.
22. Please turn all lights off after use and lock the building.

NB Weekend use.
In case of inclement weather when water work is not possible the following rota will apply following notification from the club Captain.
Saturday 8.00-10.00 Senior squad & Scullers, 10.00-12.00 Juniors
Sunday 8.00-10.00 Intermediate squad & Scullers, 10.00-12.00 Juniors