January 2021 COVID-19 Update

Last time the club entered into an open ended lockdown, such as the one announced on Monday, the club decided to reduce membership fees. Given the current information, the Directors have once again decided that a reduced membership fee is appropriate. 

Like in March, all rowing memberships will be reduced to £10 per month, effective today. For many members this will mean a payment of £12.50 per month to the club which includes the £2.50 EWSA levy.

Unfortunately, even though any the activity at the club has stopped, for now, our bills and outgoings have not. Therefore, the club needs your support to ensure that the club can continue to operate once the restrictions are lifted. The club has been fortunate to receive some additional support from Members, Exeter City Council and Sport England which as helped minimise the financial impact of the pandemic to date but does not secure the clubs future finances indefinatly.

As a membership organisation, the club always tries to spend as much money as possible on providing boats, equipment and opportunities to row for its members. This means that historically the club has only held small amounts of money in reserves, and reserves were more thought of as a way of covering unexpected costs, such as equipment breakages.

The clubs status as a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club), allows us to claim back tax paid on donations in the form of Gift Aid. With this ability, we are asking any club member who feels that they can contribute towards the ongoing running costs of the club during this closure to do so via a donation, with gift-aid, meaning your money can have the most benefit.

For example, as a an Adult Off Peak Member of the club, your usual monthly subscription would be £18.50. If you were to donate the difference between this, and the reduced monthly fee your £8.50 would become £10.63, or you could donate just £6.80, and the club would r

Your donation would help to minimise the long-term impact of this on the club, for every pound of the club’s reserves and equipment fund that we don’t need to spend, we can spend on rowing once the club’s regular activity has resumed.

Look out for more messages from the club as we move forward and please get in touch with any of the directors or committee if you have any questions, or suggestions during this time.

Please stay safe and well, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the club soon. If you have any questions please do get in touch with myself or Sue O’Connor (membership@exeterrowingclub.com).

Best Wishes

Steve Gibson


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