Junior Coordinator’s Report – April 2017

Junior training is generally progressing well with the competitive juniors displaying good commitment to attendance and training programmes. The younger and/or less experienced juniors have been asked about their personal goals with most expressing a wish to compete this season. We will do what we can to see that this happens but at this level most will row in crew boats. The importance of committing to training at the same time and at similar levels to their peers cannot be understated. Plans are made for weekend water sessions based on expected attendance times. Unfortunately the final shape of outings often has to be adjusted at the last minute when expected crew members do not arrive. As we are now looking to planning crews for the competitive season it is really important that Sue is notified in advance (mail or text please) of planned non-attendance. (illness does not fit into timetables!)

The under 14 girls have continued to set a good example by always wearing their hi-viz tops. All juniors should have these, as per club bye laws, but unfortunately some feel that because they can see that others will see them. Coming into, hopefully, sunny weather white or bright tops are OK but for their own safety – other people must be able to see them clearly and stealth scullers wearing dark colours are not easy to spot. They are travelling quite quickly (hopefully) but backwards! Boys in particular – please take note.

Shrove Tuesday training was not warm weather – however Danielle led the group for their dynamic warm up – complete with pancakes – before the ethos and Pilates began.

Phoebe and Ed both went to Lee Valley to take part in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships on 17th March. Both were extremely successful with Ed coming second (by three metres – gutted!) in the boys J14 category and Phoebe first in the girls J15 category. After the event Phoebe was given the award for the fastest girl (based on overall split) in the whole competition. As well as a trophy she was given enclosure tickets for the Boat Races on 2nd April. Really well done both of you.

On 23rd March the Club entered its first girls eight in the Schools Head, raced on the tideway from Chiswick to Putney – or so we thought. Unfortunately the wind was against the tide and so conditions were dire. After the girls had boated the race was shortened to two kilometres. Not the experience the girls had expected but nevertheless an achievement for the Club to be able to field a junior girls eight – Abbie, Jasmine, Kate, Evie, Phoebe, Molly, Rebecca, Bree and cox Danielle – well done girls! Many thanks to Kevin and Paul for taking on trailer duties and to all the parents who supported the girls. However perhaps Phoebe’s comment summed up the day “Not one of your better ideas Dave!”

On a more positive note Oliver Wickham (J14) took it upon himself to complete a marathon equivalent on a rowing machine. (3 hours, 26 minutes and 52 seconds, 42195m, average split 2.27.)

Having completed this and survived he let us know and arranged a Just Giving page for sponsorship for Comic Relief. A great individual effort for a good cause. Well done Ollie! 

Danielle Stuart has attended the first part of a BR Session Coach course having helped with coaching juniors for over a year now. She will complete the course on Easter Sunday.

Finally – good luck to the juniors who are representing the western region at the National Junior Inter Regional Regatta at NWSC, Nottingham on 22nd April. Ed in J14 1x, Emily and Phoebe in WJ15 2x, Fin (and Jordan from Dartmouth) in J16 2x and Evie who has a place in the Castledore/Wimbleball/Exeter J16 8+. Here’s to a non-windy lake…
Susan Brooks

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