Junior Squad Report – January 2017


A great day was had by our junior participants in BRIC 2016.

Emily and Ed got gold in their 500m sprint races and went on to get silver, (Emily 2/58) and bronze, (Ed 3/47) in their 5 and 4 minute tests.

Rebecca had really stiff opposition having moved into the sixth form girls (WJ18) group with lots of triallists and the first three finishing under 7 minutes! Wow! Rebecca was 14/53 girls in 7.28. Lily was fourth in her sprint and 5/25 in her 3 minute test.

Really well done all of you! A great effort all round and we’re really proud of you all.

Christmas break with lots of home based core training planned…

Most juniors have now completed their relevant test pieces and PGM scores have been calculated. The Café Nero gold awards will be given to those who beat the system by scoring 100%+ on their tests (Emily, Phoebe and Sam). In addition to their excellent standard scores are the additional 2k scores from Emily (WJ15) 7.47, Phoebe (WJ15) 7.34.8 and Ed (J14) 7.14.

A girls eight has been going on the water on Sundays, looking towards some entries up country as the season progresses. Several entries have been made for the Head of the Taff following the necessary cancellation of our own head race. Some juniors will be attending the JIRR trials at Totnes on 4th February.

Our Welfare Officer Phil will be meeting the juniors on Sunday 15th January. She will be discussing the use and potential pitfalls of social media and making them aware of our bullying policy and grievance procedures.

Susan Brooks


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