Junior Squad Report – November 2016

Our final Junior Learn to Row course this year was taken by Stu 24th -28th October. Thirteen potential juniors took part and Danielle Stuart assisted Stu throughout the week. Thanks to all those, adult and junior, who helped to make this another successful course.

Well done everyone who competed at Gloucester… some racing 1750m and some 5000m and some potential course records.
Jack, Seb and Robbie did well in their almost J18 4x-. Georgia won WIM3 4+ with the senior ladies in the morning division and raced with Hannah in the WIM 3 8+ in the afternoon. Hannah and Kate raced with the ladies Nov 8+ Division 1 and Tom and Danielle took on coxing duties for the seniors.

We also had great performances from the girlie coxless quad of Evie, Rebecca, Molly and Bree who won J18 4x- comfortably, Jaz & Abbie who won WJ15 2x, Emily with wins in WJ15 1 x and W Nov 1x, Ed who won J14 1 x and Kate & Abbie who came second in WNov 2x.
Matt and the girlie 4+ of Evie, Rebecca, Molly, Bree and Cox Frankie raced for time only as there were no other entries in their categories – good times from both crews.

Great to see that all that nasty stuff in the ergo room (and the extra that they do at home) pays off – good technique and fitness combined gives good results.

Many thanks to Team KP for all their help this week and to the junior Team KP members who helped considerably with trailer duties. Thanks also to Team Parents and to Stu for taking on the towing duties.

Our next competitive event will be Totnes Head with some juniors taking part in BRIC.

Sue Brooks

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