Junior Squad Report – September 2016

The junior squad has had a very busy summer attending all but one of the WEARA regattas. Several of our juniors represented the Western Region at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta held at Nottingham in April. In May a small group of seven juniors went to Dorney for the Ball Cup South and all returned with gold medals and WJ16s with silvers as well. The WJ16 quad and Emily all went to 2016 Junior Britchamps at Nottingham and Emily won at Henley Town and Visitors. Some of the crews have had consistent success and all others have improved throughout. All crews have supported each other and had wonderful support from parents and families.

Two Junior Learn to Row courses ran from 15-19th and 22-26th August. These were run by Stu with much help from members of the junior squad. Another course is being planned to run on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings from October.

We will have a limited number of new juniors starting on 20th September 2016. Tuesday and Thursday sessions will be land training with water and land training taking place over four sessions at the weekend.

Evesham Junior Head on Saturday October 15th is being considered with definite crews joining the seniors at Gloucester Autumn Head on Sunday 30th October.
Junior training ceases on Tuesday 6th September and resumes on Tuesday September 20th

2016 Regatta successes

JIRR 23rd April

WJ16 4x- Evie, Rebecca, Molly, Bree – fifth in final WJ15 1x Lula – silver medal
WJ14 2x Emily, Phoebe – silver medal

Ball Cup South 8th May

WJ16 4x- Evie, Rebecca, Molly, Bree – silver medal WJ18 4x- Evie, Rebecca, Molly, Bree – gold medal WJ14 1x – Emily – gold medal
J14 2x – Ed and Phoebe – gold medal
WJ14 2x cancelled due to poor weather
Junior Sculling Regatta, Dorney 30th May
WJ15 1x Lula – bronze medal

Wimbleball 4th June

WJ14 2x Emily and Phoebe J14 2x Oliver and Ed
WJ14 1x Emily

Totnes 11th, 12th June – Club won the Victor Ludorum for visiting crews

WJ16 2x Rebecca, Bree
WJ14 2x Emily, Phoebe
WJ15 4x+ Kate, Evie, Emily, Phoebe, Abby
Nov 4x+ Emily, Phoebe, Rebecca, Bree, cox Abby Sunday – championships
WJ16 4x+ Emily, Phoebe, Rebecca, Bree, Abby WJ14 4x+ Frankie, Jasmine, Emily, Phoebe, Abby WJ14 1x Emily

Plymouth 18th June

6 crews, 6 wins.
WJ16 4x+ of Bree, Rebecca, Molly and Evie. WJ15 4x+ of Phoebe, Emily, Evie and Kate. WJ16 2x of Bree and Rebecca
WJ14 2x of Phoebe and Emily
WJ14 1x Emily
J13 1x Ed
In addition to this Abby rowed bow in the ‘United Nations’ crew who raced Totnes in the WO 8+ and won. She then coxed the Plymouth MO 8+ which raced Totnes and won.

Exeter 9th July

MNov 1x Robbie
MJ18 4+ Jack D, Jack T, Robbie, Chad, Eleanor WJ16 4x+ Bree, Rebecca, Molly, Evie, cox Abby WJ16 2x Bree, Rebecca
WJ15 2x Evie, Kate
WJ15 1x Evie
WJ14 2x Phoebe, Emily
WJ14 1x Phoebe
MJ14 2x Ed, Ollie
WJ16 1x Lula
WJ18 2x Lula & Poppy

Junior British Championships 15/16/17th July

On Friday Emily competed along with 77 others in the new, somewhat weird, Omnium event which involved lots of drills etc., racing 500 metres in her single and 750 metres in a scratch quad. She had to take part in this in order to be allowed to race up an age group on Saturday in the WJ15 1x over 2000 metres. She finished eighth in the time trial (31 entries) and fourth in the B final.
On Saturday the girl’s quad of Evie, Molly, Rebecca Vater and Bree Spivey came fifth in the WJ16 4x- time trial over 2000 metres. On Sunday they raced in an AB semi-final coming second and gaining a place in the A final. They came fourth in this – an excellent result!
Henley Town and Visitors 30th July
WJ14 1x Emily

Falmouth 23rd August – club won the Victor Ludorum for visiting crews

WN 4x+ Georgia, Hannah, Sophie, Kate, cox Danielle S WJ16 4x+ Phoebe, Rebecca, Molly, Evie, Abby
WJ16 2x Emily, Rebecca
WJ14 2x Emily, Phoebe
J14 2x Ed, Ollie J13 1x Ed
Danielle coxed two Castledore eights after being asked by Jess Newson (ex Castledore & Exeter – currently Washington State Uni). The ladies won.

Paignton 13th August

WNov 2x Abby, Danielle S
WJ16 4x+ Evie, Rebecca, Molly, Bree, Abby WJ16 2x Rebecca, Bree
WJ15 4x+ Emily, Phoebe, Evie, Kate, Frankie WJ14 2x Phoebe, Emily
WJ14 1x Phoebe
MJ14 2x Ed, Ollie
J13 1x Ed
Appledore & Instow 14th August – not attended Torbay Torbay Regatta 20th August – cancelled

Dartmouth 25th August

WNov 2x Abby, Danielle S
WJ16 4x+ Evie, Molly, Rebecca, Bree
WJ14 4x+ Frankie, Jaz, Emily, Phoebe, Abby J14 4x+ Ed, Ollie, Phoebe, Toby, Danielle S WJ16 2x Emily, Bree
WJ14 2x Emily, Phoebe
WJ14 1x Emily
Bideford 28th August
WJ16 4x+ Evie, Molly, Phoebe, Bree, Abby MJ14 2x Ed, Ollie
MNov 1x Robbie
WJ14 1x Phoebe

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