Membership Category Details

Exeter Rowing Club has two key membership categories: Rowing and Non-Rowing members. Within those categories, Exeter Rowing Club provides some subdivisions which have different rights over use of equipment and facilities. The categories are show in the table below.

Rowing Memberships

TypeQualificationNotesMin BR MembershipRaceRackingGym
AdultOpen category. Default if no other category qualified for.Standard membership. Can use all club equipment (see Equipment policy for details).Row
Adult Off-PeakOpen category with restricted access to boats / boating timesPreviously known as recreational. Restrictions defined by the Club Captain and Rowing Committee.Row
JuniorAny member meeting the definition of Junior as outlined in the British Rowing Rules of Racing.A non-means tested category to encourage youth rowing.

Must have at least one Parent/Guardian Membership associated with the Junior
Student (Full Time in ExeterAny member in full time education and who does not meet the definition of Junior as outlined in the British Rowing Rules of Racing.

To be eligible for student membership you must meet the criteria for council tax exemption from Exeter City Council. If you do not meet this requirement but believe you are still eligible the directors will consider an application under the affordability criteria.
A non-means tested category to encourage youth rowing. Row
Student (Vacation Only)Any member in full time education outside of Exeter who does not meet the definition of Junior as outlined in the British Rowing Rules of Racing. A non-means tested category to encourage youth rowing. Rowing only available during University holidaysRow
Temporary /
Course Membership
Temporary at discretion of the directors


Must be part of a particular course (e.g. Learn to Row) or event (e.g. Regatta).
To allow temporary membership for those for whomever pro-rata membership is inappropriate for some reason.


To allow people to become involved in the club and be clear on their upfront financial exposure, membership is part of course fees. This membership lasts after their course to allow them to join the main club and encourage transition into ongoing rowing.
DayOpen category. Used for visiting members or for non-rowing memberships who wish to row on occasions. Limited to three days per year.Row
LifeApproved by AGMTBC

Non-Rowing Memberships

TypeQualificationNotesMin BR MembershipRaceRackingGym
SupporterAnyone who wishes to support the club but not rowThere will be those who wish to have an association with the club but who are currently unable or unwilling to row because of family commitments, medical conditions, age, infirmity or because they have moved away.

This wider support network is helpful to the club and such members are encouraged: however, if there is any concern that such members are not primarily supporters of rowing (e.g. merely wish access to the bar, or to take over the club for other purposes), then membership may be denied at the discretion of the Directors
CoxesOpen category for anyone who coxes.Coxes are an essential part of enabling rowing to continue, and so those who are only coxing receive a discount.Row
CoachesOpen category for anyone who coaches.Coaches are essential volunteers within the club. They receive a discount if only coaching.

Membership is subject to meeting the relevant qualifications and checks as deemed necessary by the Club.

Members who row over 50% of their time should take out the appropriate rowing membership
Parent/GuardianMust be the Parent or Guardian of a Junior MemberN/A

Equipment Usage

Equipment usage is subject the the Club’s equipment policy and allocations of the equipment to squads made by the Rowing Committee.


Eligibility for racking is subject to additional criteria

Off-Peak Times

Off-Peak times are considered anytime except:
Weekdays 06:00 – 09:30 and 16:00 – 21:00
Weekends 06:00 – 13:00