A great day at Dartmouth Regatta

A great day’s racing at Dartmouth Regatta on the 29th August, with a total of 21 wins for Exeter!

In the J18 category, we had wins for the WJ18 4+, the WJ18 2x, the WJ18 1x, the MJ18 2x and the MJ18 1x. 
Our J16s managed to win the WJ16 4x+, WJ16 2x, MJ16 4x+, MJ16 2x and MJ16 1x. 
We were also very successful in the J15 events, winning the WJ15 1x, the MJ15 4x+, the MJ5 2x and the MJ15 1x. 
And of course, our J14s were incredible as they have been all season, winning the MJ14 2x, MJ14 1x, WJ14 4x+, WJ142x and WJ14 1x. 
Our seniors also had a successful day, with a win from the women in the WNov 4+ and from some of our men in a Mix SB 4+ composite with Castledore.

Congratulations to everyone who competed, we look forward to seeing you all again at South Coast Championships!

Thank you to Frankie Bonfield for this race report.

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