Double Wins at Bristol Avon Regatta

Dan and Dave competed together in the Open 2x event. The semifinal went well and after a good start by both crews, they managed to squeeze past Bryanston School and control the race from ahead ensuring a place in the final by 4 lengths.

They had been told that the crew they had just beaten was the faster of the two Bryanston School crews in this event, but were skeptical of this information when they saw them rowing up to the start! Both crews had good starts but the ‘slower’ Bryanston School crew managed to push on about 1/4 length ahead, however as Dan and Dave strode out and got into a rhythm they slowly but surely moved past and were able to win by 3 lengths, victory!

Afterwards Dave competed in the Masters 1x event and having got through the first round, found a 17 second handicap deficit too much to close down and missed out on qualifying for the final by about 1 length, so good racing especially when the other crew had such a head start.

Dan competed in the Open 1x and having got a bye in the first round, he was up against another Bryanston School sculler. Both went off like they meant it, but by halfway Dan had moved ahead into a position of control, until the Bryanston School chap decided to put a push in! A response from Dan and the door was closed, onto the final.

In the final Dan competed against a Birmingham University sculler. Both crews attacked the start, but early on in the race Dan had built a lead and from that he dug in to row the course as fast as possible and ended up winning the final by an easily verdict.
A great regatta rowed in near perfect conditions.

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