Successful Sculling in the Munich Sunshine!

After the Masters Squad’s achievements at the World Rowing Masters Regatta in Bled, Slovenia last year, the Squad travelled to Germany in July to compete at the Euro Masters Regatta in Munich.

The purpose built multi-lane course on the outskirts of Munich was amazing; crystal clear water with a light breeze, creating fair 1000m racing across all lanes. A breath of fresh air from our recent competitions at Holme Pierrepoint (Nottingham) !

In the Euro Masters competitions you are drawn against other crews of a similar age in straight finals (heats) and race for a winners medal (no 2nd or 3rd place medals). Given the number of entries for each age group there can be between 2-10 of these heats.

In addition to this if you are one of the 6 fastest across the heats (1x only) you qualify for the Trophy Races where 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are awarded.

It’s fantastic to represent a British club lining up at the start against other quality crews from all across Europe, and even better to beat them!

Dave and Dan won their 1x races and also a Masters B 2x. Dan recorded the fastest lightweight Masters B time in the 1x.

As Dave was one of the 6 quickest in Masters E 1x, he qualified for the Munich Trophy race and had us on the edge of our seats as he rowed through the field and clung onto second place securing the silver medal only a length off winning.

Eleanor Burke and Helen Ellison were drawn against one another in the 1x and finished with a 0.2s time difference, fantastically close racing!

With some stiff opposition, Lucinda, Lisa, Eleanor, Helen and Julia also secured various 3rd places in 1x, 2x and 4x.

Sunday was reserved for mixed racing which was as ferocious as the non mixed of the previous days. Eleanor Burke teamed up with Dave Byrnes on the Sunday to win in both the Mixed Masters C and D 2x.

Some members of the squad teamed up with other clubs to race as composite crews. Julia Wood rowed with Dart Totnes and Ardingly to win the Mixed Masters F 4x and  Dave rowed with Monmouth RC to win the Masters E 2x.

There were plenty of other tightly contested races with many second places and other good results as below.


  • Winner David Byrnes MasE 1x, qualified for Munich Trophy and placed 2nd
  • Winner Dan Rowse Lightweight MasB 1x and fastest time of the lightweight B heats
  • Winner Dan Rowse / David Byrnes MasB 2x
  • Winner David Byrnes / Eleanor Burke Mix MasC 2x
  • Winner David Byrnes / Eleanor Burke Mix MasD 2x
  • 2nd Eleanor Burke WMasB 1x
  • 2nd Dan Rowse / David Byrnes MasC 2x
  • 2nd Eleanor Burke WMasC 1x
  • 2nd Julia Wood WMasE 1x
  • 3rd Eleanor Burke WMasA 1x
  • 3rd Helen Ellison WMasB 1x
  • 3rd Julia Wood WMasD 1x
  • 3rd Eleanor Burke, Helen Ellison, Lisa Cocks, Lucinda Sanders WMasB 4x
  • 3rd Helen Ellison, Julia Wood, Lisa Cocks, Lucinda Sanders WMasC 4x
  • 3rd Dan Rowse / Lucinda Sanders Mix MasB 2x
  • 4th Helen Ellison WMasA 1x
  • 4th Eleanor Burke / Helen Ellison WMasB 2x
  • 4th Daniel Rowse, David Byrnes, Lucinda Sanders, Lisa Cocks Mix MasC 4x
  • 5th Eleanor Burke, Helen Ellison, Lisa Cocks, Lucinda Sanders WMasA 4x,


  • Winner David Byrnes (Exeter) / Mark Stewart-Woods (Monmouth RC) MasE 2x
  • Winner Julia Wood (Exeter) / Peter Atkinson (Dart Totnes ARC), Ursula Tanner (Ardingly RC), Rod Stewart (Dart Totnes ARC) Mix
  • MasF 4x
  • 2nd Julia Wood (Exeter) / Eva Rankin (Loch Lomond RC) WMasF 2x
  • 2nd Julia Wood (Exeter) / Peter Atkinson  (Dart Totnes ARC), Julia Wood Mix MasF 2x
  • 3rd Julia Wood (Exeter), Sarah Payne (Wycliffe YC) WMasE 2x
  • 4th Helen Ellison (Exeter), Roger Ewing (AKRC) Mix MasB 2x
  • 4th Julia Wood (Exeter) Eva Rankin (Lock Lomond RC), Sarah Payne (Wycliffe), Isabelle Meyer (LIA) WMasF 4x
  • 5th Lisa Cocks Exeter, Jörg Jeske (Hanauer RG),  Snjezana Grgic ( HAVK Mladost), Judit Meszaros (Waatz Masters), Karin Seeburger (RV Neptun Konstanz), Stanko Kovac (Hanauer RG), Nenad Gucunski (HAVK Mladost), Drazen Sudic (HAVK Mladost), Cox: Carla Kovac (Hanauer RG) Mix MasC 8+
  • 6th  Julia Wood (Exeter), Sarah Payne (Wycliffe YC) WMasD 2x
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