Totnes Autumn head Race 2015

On the 20th December 2015 many of the juniors and women’s squad, plus Ben Crichard headed off to Totnes to compete in the head race that had to be postponed a few weeks ago due to bad weather. Weather conditions were not great today either, particularly for Division 3, but interspersed with the wind and rain were some lovely patches of sun and glassy water for racing. Exeter Rowing Club has a great day, and they should never be short of a rigger jigger again, thanks to Dart Totnes providing rigger jiggers for medals. Below are the successes:

Division One
WJ18 2 x, Poppy and Lula Bowyer – 12 minutes, 6 seconds
WSB4+, Pete Cork (cox), Lauren May, Rechael Boyer, Katie Campbell, Sarah Addington-Hall – 12 minutes, 21 seconds
WJ152x – Evie Drew and Emily Vater – 13 minutes, 22 seconds
WM 1x – Julia Wood – 13 seconds and 43 seconds

Division Two
MSC1x – Ben Crichard – 11 minutes, 23 seconds
WSC4+ – Pete Cork (cox), Lauren May, Reachel Boyer, Katie Campbell, Sancha Rees – 12 minutes, 14 seconds

Division Three
J16 Women’s 4x+ – Abby Jones (cox), Phoebe Campbell, Molly Batchelor, Bree Spivey, Rebecca Vater – 13 minutes, 15 seconds
Mixed Masters 2x – Pete Atkinson (Dart Totnes) and Julia Wood (ERC) – 13minutes, 17 minutes
WN4+ – Pete Cork (cox), Daniell Wall, Sancha Rees, Abby Bartram, Sarah Addington-Hal – 14 minutes, 3 seconds
WJ18 1x – Poppy Bowyer -14 minutes, 31 seconds
WJ15 1x – Lula Bowyer 15 minutes
MSB 1x – Ben Crichard – 13 minutes, 14 seconds

Author: Abby Bartram

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