Appledore & Instow Regatta – Sunday 3rd August

The Appledore & Instow regatta is a celebration of all things maritime with a week full of events. One of the highlights of the event is the WEARA rowing regatta, which this year attracted 10 clubs filling 38 races.
The picturesque location clearly inspired our Exeter rowers to perform well, the senior squads lead the way in the championship 4+ events, with juniors Poppy and Tallulah Bowyer also securing wins in the single scull. For the full list of Exeter winners see below:

M Sen C 4+ James Rice, Brendan Corkery, Mark Portnoi, Ali Brown, Phil Brailey (cox)
M Nov 4+ George Roberts, Yiana Shakespeare, Ceri Green, Dave Turner, Phil Brailey (cox)
W Sen A 4+ Nadine Levine, Eleanor Burke, Rebecca Wheeler, Katy Campbell, Dani Wall (cox)
W Sen B 4+ Nicola Walker, Katie Campbell, Michaela Bailey, Fern Dymond, Peter Cork (cox)
M Sen A 1x Dan Wilmington
WJ16 1x Poppy Bowyer
WJ14 1x Tallulah Bowyer

By Kerri-Ann Upham

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