Anna Newton attends GB National Trials

Anna Newton, who has just reached her 1 year anniversary since first stepping into a single scull was delighted to attend the GB National trials in Boston on 22nd February.
Anna previously attended trials in November and I believe she came 58th for the 2K on the water.
Boston brought a new level of expectations for Anna and the other 41 WJ18s that were invited to attend this particular trial.
Anna came out finishing 28th in the water test with an improved time of 8:09 (her previous being 8:56).
Anna’s steady and obvious improvement did not go unmissed and several of the GB coaches commented on her improvement.
Anna continued to improve on her previous performances throughout the day, improving considerably on the 250m water sprint and achieving 2 personal bests on the ergo test.
This test required the athletes to stay at a set rate and split for 15 minutes. If athletes go above the set rate or split for 3 strokes they have to stop, as you can imagine… not many finish the test.
Anna maintained rate 20 and nothing over a 2.00.00 split.
Unfortunately, due to the poor weather forecast the Sunday trials were cancelled and Anna missed doing a double scull with Emily Richards from Monmouth Rowing Club.

Although disappointed at the trials finishing earlier than scheduled, Anna returned to Exeter and put her spare Sunday morning to good use by doing another ergo and helping the Club put one of the Quads back together again.

Anna is now one of 20 athletes that have been asked to attend the spring assessments in April, so watch this space as this young ladies future is getting brighter and brighter!

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