Future is bright for Anna Newton

Anna was attending the GB early ID assessment in Boston over the weekend in Lincolnshire.
She did really well in the morning in the strength tests getting 3 PBs and being one of the five (out of 62) who managed to do the 15 minute ergo test. 15 minutes at rate 20 (which must be achieved in 3 strokes). Split must be max 2.00 and if it goes to 2.01 for three strokes you must stop. Likewise if the rate goes to 21 for 3 strokes you must stop. Anna was in group 2 out of 8 and was the only one from her group to finish.
The afternoon tests were on the water. Paddle 5K turn and race 2K then paddle down to the finish straight where they did a 250m sprint from a rolling start.
Anna was understandably nervous (she’s been rowing less than a year) but was happy with her weekend’s work. Exeter Rowing Club coaches, Dave and Stu were delighted with the results and her attitude to this potentially scarey event.
Richard Boulton, Junior GB boss and Hannah Vine and Loretta Williams, Anna’s AASE tutors were very happy with her performance and her obvious potential.
As a result of her performance we are delighted to announce that Anna is to be invited to GB Juniors Nantes training camp in December.
Well done Anna!

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