Welfare Officer Job Description

The Welfare Officer(s) are appointed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will look to appoint one male and one female welfare officer. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Gain an understanding of British Rowing policy on Safeguarding and Protecting Children and keep up to date
  • Ideally attend a Time to Listen Course following safeguarding training
  • Make relevant club members, coaches and parents aware of the latest best practice in welfare issues identified by the national governing body (BR) and relevant legislation
  • Act as the Club contact with British Rowing regarding all welfare and safeguarding issues
  • Act as the central contact point for all Club members for welfare issues
  • Ensure appropriate action is taken where concerns are raised

Key Activities

  • To provide information and advice on protection of children and vulnerable adults within the club
  • To ensure the club adopts and follows British Rowing Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy and procedures and promote awareness of the policy within the club
  • To administer the club’s DBS checks
  • To ensure adequate child protection measures are taken by junior squads on trips to regattas and training camps and to liaise with the Club Safety Advisor in this regard (NB coaches retain the ultimate responsibility for their athletes at these events)
  • To receive information from athletes, coaches, young people or their parents who have concerns about the welfare of young people or vulnerable adults
  • To assess the information promptly and obtain more information if necessary. Make a formal referral to a statutory child protection agency if appropriate and report any concerns to BR child protection officer as soon as possible in line with BR procedures
  • To ensure information is readily available to all club members as to actions they can take in the event of a breach of welfare guidelines
  • To advise club officers and coaches on appropriate levels of child protection training and advise on further training opportunities
  • To organise relevant training for coaches and other club members as require.
  • To ensure Welfare information and appropriate forms and procedures are available on the Club website