Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Skills Required

  • Approachable and a good listener
  • Well organised
  • Able to delegate
  • Confident and effective communicator
  • Enthusiastic and a good motivator
  • Tactful and discrete
  • Prepared to make a regular time commitment

Key Activities

  • Liaise with the club Welfare Officer to ensure that the necessary checks (e.g. DBS) have been made.
  • Oversee all club volunteers and ensure references are appropriate
  • Ensure that opportunities for feedback and training are provided
  • Act as the main contact for all volunteers
  • Liaise with the Chairman to ensure that all tasks required to run the club efficiently are carried out
  • Ensure that each task has been assigned to a volunteer
  • Ensure that each volunteer understands their job and their role within the organisation
  • Get to know all club volunteers and potential volunteers by name
  • Ensure that all jobs have a job description – consult volunteers and Board of Directors to write/update job descriptions
  • Motivate volunteers through recognition and feedback
  • Co-ordinate the ‘volunteer of the year’ award
  • Co-ordinate the implementation of the volunteer recruitment plan
  • Annually monitor and evaluate the plan for effectiveness, and report back to the committee.