Safety Advisor Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To ensure compliance by the Club with British Rowing’s RowSafe water safety guidance.
  • To maintain a watching brief over all matters affecting the safety of Club members and the effects of the Club’s activities on the safety of members of the public and make appropriate recommendations where necessary to the Committee.

Key Activities

  • Complete the Advanced Risk Assessment Training.
  • Lead or facilitate the completion and review of the club’s Risk Assessment.
  • Use the Risk Assessment to identify required safety rules.
  • Educate and train members in risk assessment and safe practice.
  • Work with the club committee and the leadership of the club to develop and maintain the Club Safety Plan, Safety Rules and Emergency Response Plan.
  • Undertake inspections and audits if requested to do so by the club and provide feedback to the club committee.
  • Set, implement and review safety policies for all club members.
  • Review safety issues regarding the club’s activities and facilities through a permanent committee agenda item and communicate to all Club members.
  • Produce an annual safety audit and submit to British Rowing.
  • Display up to date safety information and alerts.
  • Foster the reporting of all incidents using the British Rowing online system.
  • Periodically assess club’s reports of incidents to identify any common issues and trends and initiate action to address any opportunities for improvement to safe practice.
  • Work with other water and land users on safety as required.
  • Attend local and regional safety meetings.
  • Work with the Regional Rowing Safety Adviser.