Publicity Officer Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Promoting the activities of Exeter Rowing Club Ltd to press contacts.

Key Activities

  • Maintaining an up to date database of press and media contacts
  • Providing updates on club activities to press and media contacts
  • Ensuring race reports and news stories are submitted promptly to the local newspapers.  Big events could have additional coverage such as WEARA and British Rowing websites and local television and radio.
  • Being responsible for updating the news on the Club website and the social media sites prior to and after an event.  This includes uploading photos to Facebook etc. and providing photos to the Webmaster for uploading onto the Club website. This can all be done from a special platform which has been set up for this purpose.  Login details and tutorial are accessed from the Webmaster at the beginning of the year.  This platform is shared with the Social Team.