Junior Coordinator Job Description

The Junior Coordinator role is appointed by the Board of Directors

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To take full responsibility for organising the Junior Section of the Club.
  • To liaise with British Rowing, Local Authority and Sport England as appropriate.
  • To liaise with parents/carers regarding the well-being of their children and the organisation of the Club.
  • To liaise with the Welfare Officer to ensure that all junior coaches are DBS checked and are up to date with safeguarding and first aid training.
  • To ensure that junior coaches hold a BR coaching qualification in order to coach unsupervised.
  • To liaise with the Junior Coaches to ensure that training sessions are planned in advance, based on agreed Club and British Rowing guidelines and that targets are set.
  • To liaise with the Captain and Coaches to ensure appropriate access to equipment and training equipment for junior members.
  • To hold regular meetings of junior members
  • To use email and the junior Facebook page (closed group) to communicate with juniors and their parents/carers
  • To appoint a Junior Captain to assist in the running of the junior section and to assist in organising social events for the junior members.
  • To ensure that juniors are made aware of and adhere to local safety rules.
  • To ensure that any safety concerns, accidents or incidents are captured without delay, managed in accordance with BR guidance and if appropriate, brought to the attention of the Chairman or Club Safety Advisor.
  • To ensure that junior members are fully aware of the Junior Byelaws.
  • To ensure that juniors and parents abide by the club rules and bye-laws.
  • To assist in the selection of crews and scullers for competitions in consultation with designated Junior Coaches.
  • To travel to competitions with the junior team and coaches whenever possible or to designate another appropriate adult as team manager.
  • To offer the club feedback on the organisation and degree of success of junior coaching and competitions.
  • To ensure that Junior Learn to Row courses are organised.
  • To introduce new junior members to the Club, Junior Captain and other juniors.
  • To liaise with Parent Coordinator regarding roles for parent volunteers.