Advertising information for sponsors
Thank you for sponsoring the City of Exeter Regatta. You may additionally display banners along the
quayside on the day. Below are details of the format and process for these mechanisms:
The regatta programme.
The regatta programme is AS.
Your sponsor logo:
• Your logo will be displayed on page 3 of the
• The logo must be supplied as one file in JPG
or TIF format. Ensure if providing a JPG that
it is saved at maximum quality
• The file name should be the name of your

The advert:
• Your advert will appear in the programme amongst the race information. It will be printed in
black and white
• The advert space is landscape format and it
can be no larger than 70mm high by
120mm wide
• Provide your advert or logo as a single file.
The file should be JPG or TIF format with
your business name as the file name and
the word ADVERT. Ensure if providing a JPG
that your advert is saved at maximum
All logos and adverts must be received by Saturday 1 July 2017.
Please email your programme artwork to:
Outdoor banners can be displayed along the course.
All display equipment must be suitable for outdoor use, be weather resistant (rain and wind). If free
standing it must include a method for attaching to the ground in strong winds, or if a banner has eyelets
the materials to tie it to the railings.
Your outdoor advertising will be seen at a distance, it needs to be bold in its design. There is no limit on
the size of banners unless over Sm in length when you will need to discuss arrangements with us.
Banners must be received by the evening of 6 July 2017 and delivered to Paul Wilson at Exeter Rowing
Club, 62 Haven Road, Exeter, EX2 8DP