Key & Access Policy

1. Policy Statement

1.1. This policy seeks to ensure that access to club facilities is restricted to appropriate club members, or other authorised users as agreed by the Management Committee.

1.2. The use of keys and other methods of access restriction is an important tool in safeguarding the value of the club’s assets and resources for the use of members.

2. Scope

2.1. For the purpose of this policy the term “key” refers to any method of restricting access to resources, property or other club assets. This may be in the form of keys, combination codes, access fobs or other items.

2.2. This policy applies to all keys or other access issued by Exeter Rowing Club for the club’s and EWSA’s facilities.

2.3. This policy does not apply to any keys issued by other organisations to club members.

3. Roles and Responsibilities

3.1. The Directors have overall responsibility for this policy but have delegated day-to-day responsibility for the security of the clubs assets to the Management Committee.

3.2. The operation of this policy is the responsibility of the Management Committee.

3.3. The Directors are responsible for ensuring that this policy and the operation of it complies with relevant legal and insurance requirements.

3.4. The Management Committee are responsible for setting any charges or deposits related to the issuing of keys.

4. Eligibility

4.1. All club members are eligible to apply for keys to allow access to the club and its facilities. Where the applicant falls outside of the criteria outlined in Appendix 1 the Management Committee will consider the merits of the application.

4.2. The Management Committee may issue keys to non-members at its discretion for the purposes of maintenance or for the execution of a commercial contract.

4.3. Members will remain eligible for keys for the duration of their membership, or until a date specified at the time of issuing.

5. Key Issuing

5.1. Keys should only be issued once the following actions are complete:

· Key agreement form has been returned to the Membership Secretary;

· Any deposit or charges due have been paid to the Treasurer (or by the agreed method);

· A copy of the Key agreement and receipt for payment has been issued to the key holder.

5.2. The Management Committee reserves the right to waive any charge or deposit prior to key issuing. This decision, and the justification for this should be recorded in the minutes of the meeting prior to, or immediately after the keys were issued.

5.3. Applicable records should be updated to reflect the issuing of keys to members.

5.4. Keys and Deposits are non-transferable.

5.5. Keys remain the property of Exeter Rowing Club or Exeter Watersports Association.

6. Loan of Keys

6.1. For the purpose of this policy, “Loan” refers to the temporary sharing of keys between two members, where one member is not present on site when the key is being used.

6.2. To access personal property

6.2.1. Keys may be loaned by one member to another to enable access by the non-key holder to the personal property of the key holder, i.e. to allow the member to use another member’s boat

6.2.2. If the loan of the key is a recurring or ongoing arrangement, the key holder should notify the Management Committee via the Membership Secretary.

6.2.3. The Key holder remains liable for the actions of the non-key holder unless the Management Committee is notified of the loan, and the key holder cannot demonstrate that they have made the non-key holder aware of this policy, i.e. an Email or Text Message drawing the individual’s attention to this policy.

6.2.4. The maximum length of loan for a key is six months, at this point the non-key holder should apply for a key from the Management Committee.

6.3. To access club property

6.3.1. Any loan of keys by one member to another to enable access by the non-key holder to club property should be notified to the Management Committee via the Membership Secretary.

6.3.2. It is the responsibility of the key-holder to verify that the non-key member has the relevant permission to use the club property that the key provides access to.

6.4. From time to time the Management Committee may request that an individual loan a key to another member for the purposes of club business. Any request will be confirmed by email and will outline when it is expected that the key will be returned to the holder.

7. Loss/Theft of Keys

7.1. Any loss or theft of keys should be notified to the membership secretary as soon as possible, and no later than 7 days of becoming aware of the loss or theft.

7.2. The club may request additional information, including a Crime Reference Number (CRN), for the purposes of making an insurance claim.

7.3. The re-issuing of keys will be subject to the provisions outlined in Section 5 above, including the payment of any charges and deposits for the return of keys.

8. Key Return

8.1. By Request

8.1.1. The club may request the return of any key by giving a minimum of 14 days’ notice in writing to the member.

8.1.2. Where it is not possible to return the key in the timeframe requested an alternative time frame may be agreed.

8.1.3. Failure to return keys within the agreed timeframe may result in the forfeiting of any deposit.

8.1.4. The club is not responsible for the costs of returning any keys.

8.2. At the End of Membership/Eligibility

8.2.1. When a member terminates their membership, changes membership or role such that they become ineligible for keys as outlined in Appendix 1 they should return keys within 14 days.

8.2.2. Failure to return keys within the agreed timeframe may result in the forfeiting of any deposit.

8.2.3. The club is not responsible for the costs of returning any keys.

8.3. Voluntary Return

8.3.1. Keys may be returned at any time by a member when they are no longer required.

8.4. Deposits

8.4.1. The club will endeavour to keep accurate records; however, it is the responsibility of the key holder to provide evidence that a deposit was paid if they wish for it to be returned.

8.4.2. Deposits will be returned within 30 days of the receipt of the keys.

8.4.3. The club reserves the right to allocate any deposit returnable to pay any outstanding charges owed to the club.

8.4.4. Deposits are non-transferable

9. Misuse of Keys

9.1. Misuse of club keys is subject to the club’s Disciplinary policy and may result in the temporary or permanent removal of access, and other sanctions as outlined in the disciplinary policy.

9.2. The club reserves the right to reclaim any costs incurred as the result of misuse of club keys.